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  • Posted By Draac.

posted 11/02/01 5:40 PM

Tripod has taken down Draac's Gifs 123 due to a copyright battle with Warner Bros. I'm trying to get the site restored but hopes are slim at best. It was fun while it lasted.

To all who visited Draac's Gifs 123 over the years, I hope it was as fun for you as it was for me. Draac.Com will continue to bring you new things to help you create your web sites, so come back and visit anytime.

Footnote: I worked with Tripod/Lycos to remove all Warner Bros images but each time Warner Bros checked they found another one. Warner Bros would never provide me with a list of things they owned and didn't own, so it was very hard to guess at what they owned. Tripod/Lycos had no choice but to shut the site down, it was either that or they would be in a lawsuit with Warner Bros. I'm still in contact with Tripod/Lycos and maybe something can be worked out but this is a long shot. I will restore the small Html lesson for Webtv Emails here at but I can not host all those images at due to the cost of bandwidth. Thank you all for supporting Gifs 123, it has been a blast and it was one heck of a ride...:+)

Update 11-9-01: Tripod has restored the Gifs 123 account but not the images. Perhaps in the future I can create something there that can be of use to all. I would like to thank you all who have emailed me or posted about the loss of Gifs 123, your messages were very much appreciated.


Updates - What's New ?

  • Posted By Draac.

posted 05/07/02 7:31 AM

Fieldset & Legend

Add a professional look to your forms with the "Fieldset and Legend" tags.

  • Posted By Draac.

posted 08/20/02 4:30 PM

Layout XII

Here is a clean looking layout with rounded corners. It is created using complex tables with images. Perhaps a web site that could be used as a business site or even a personal web page. MSNTV users should use the version suited for their browsers, the computer version will be out of alignment on MSNTV due to the restriction of the width of the MSNTV browser.

Computer Users:

Click For Regular Layout
Click Here For Layout With IFRAME

MSNTV Users:

Click Here For The Layout

  • Posted By Draac.

posted 08/23/02 6:50 PM

Layout XII

A layout for the young ladies who visit Draac.Com. It's very cool looking and great to use as a personal web site. Other can still uses this layout, just change the colors and the images and I'm sure you can find a look to suit your needs.

  • Posted By Draac.

posted 08/25/02 11:14 AM

Thumbnail Images

Don't waste valuable web page space and costly bandwidth displaying those large images on your web sites. Use thumbnail images to create a more organized and fast loading web site.

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posted 09/20/02 6:50 AM

Basic Calendar Table

A time saver if you want to create a calendar on your web site. This is a basic calendar table layout that can be altered to your needs.

  • Posted By Draac.

posted 11/03/02 10:34 AM

3D Text Maker

Create some 3D Text for your web page.