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Page 2 :Text & Colors

  • Using Basic HTML Tags
  • Basic HTML tags enable you to place text, images and links to your HTML document.
  • Font Tags For Text
  • There are two ways to change the look of the text size on the document. One such way is with Headings. These tags should only be use to alter the text size of headings only. The heading tags will also make the text bold. These tags are used in pairs. Here are the 6 choices of headings.

<H1> and </H1>
Heading 1

<H2> and </H2>
Heading 2

<H3> and </H3>
Heading 3

<H4> and </H4>
Heading 4

<H5> and </H5>
Heading 5

<H6> and </H6>
Heading 6

  • For text you wish to resize that are not headings. You would use these font tags. These tags are used in pairs.

<FONT SIZE="1"> and </FONT>

<FONT SIZE="2"> and </FONT>

<FONT SIZE="3"> and </FONT>

<FONT SIZE="4"> and </FONT>

<FONT SIZE="5"> and </FONT>

<FONT SIZE="6"> and </FONT>

<FONT SIZE="7"> and </FONT>

  • Paragraph And Text Breaks
  • There are two types of text breaks. That will break the text to the next line. First is text break tag <BR> This will break the text to the very next line. This can also be used to break an image to the next line. The <BR> can be used as many times as you like to get the desired spacing between items. Then there is a paragraph break tag <P> This will start the text onto a new paragraph or create a single blank line between items. Note: this tag can only be used once between items.
  • Adding Text Color
  • To add color to your text you will need to add a new tag to the font tag. Here are two examples, first using a named color:Click Here For A Name Color Chart

    <FONT SIZE="4" COLOR="blue">

    Second using a HEX color:

    <FONT SIZE="4" COLOR="#3333FF">

    Click Here For An HEX Color Chart

    Here Is Our HTML Document. With A Heading And Some Colored Text. Also Using A Paragraph And A Text Break.

    <TITLE>My First Web Page</TITLE>
    <BODY BGCOLOR="#000000" TEXT="#00FF00" LINK="yellow" VLINK="orange" ALINK="red">
    <H1>Welcome To My Home Page</H1>
    <FONT SIZE="3" COLOR="white">
    You have just entered<BR>
    my first web page.<BR>
    I'm just starting out <BR>
    writting html, it's fun.

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