Webtv - A Positive Opinion
By Nancy aka aaa-na - 08-22-01

There's a lot to be said for WebTV and A LOT is positive !

I have been on WebTV since it's beginning days and have grumbled and groaned along with many of you at the changes --- but I'm STILL here !

There is something to be said for a 27" TV screen and a wireless keyboard that allows me to sit here in my "jammies" and not squint at a smaller monitor. ( I'm old ---- that's important ! - lol )

What a wonderful introduction to the internet and html ! Draac has been here as well, probably as long or longer than the majority and still helps us all.

As recently as today I fell back on the Draac message board to help me with a background problem and got VERY timely and CORRECT advice ! I "mis-posted" and still had the courtesy of a reply without Draac saying " what a duh-head" - he may have thought it - but he didn't say it and his advice worked !

It looks like there are more changes in store for us again --- but you know what ??? Those of us dedicated to WebTV will creatively handle whatever it is and continue to meet the challanges.

As a whole, WebTV users are some of the most creative and tenacious people around -- and I have faith that no matter WHAT the changes may be--- they will continue to use and enjoy their set-top units.

I can't think of any other time or place in my life that I have met a friendlier, more helpful or artistic group of people . They are out there 24/7 working away. if you don't believe me - post a question in an html help group or message board at 2 AM and see how long it takes to get a reply - in MOST cases it's there within 30 minutes!

This also true of almost any message board or help group, for instance recipes or music or support groups or any other subject. Perhaps some of the discussion groups have passed their "hey-day" - trolls have disrupted many - but help is still out there !

When I think of all the enjoyment I have had from this unit with all the features of chat and searches and emailing around the world, for the price of the unit--- then I have to say, it has been one of the BEST investments I ever made.

I have over 500 pages on line - some sadly in need of repair, but it doesn't matter - MAKING them mattered ! I needed no artistic training or a paint brush and could correct errors with a touch of the delete key and continue to make things I enjoyed.

Weekly I receive email that tells me others have enjoyed them too. In our daily lives we don't hear "good job" very often --- here on WebTV we hear --- "good job" and "can you help me do that" ?? A LOT !

It's great fun to get others started in this and on the internet and I can positively and absolutely say " Thank you WebTVer's for being out there and adding so much fun and friendship to many of our lives ! "

respectfully submitted by Nancy aka aaa-na

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