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Walmart 200 Dollar Computer - Updated
By Thump - 2-09-03

They've changed some things about the Walmart site and the cheapest computer shown is $229.95 with a modem.  It's the model I bought anyway but if you want the $199.95 one I will include the secret link.  Lindows 2.0 is no longer included free except for the secret link but Lindows 3.0 is available on a machine for $299.95 but for the same price you can get Mandrake or Windows XP.  I have installed Redhat Linux on the machine and it worked fine.  I have also installed Windows 95,98,ME,XP home and XP professional and all worked suberbly.

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T-Mobile Sidekick
By Draac - 12-15-02

A month or so ago I purchased a T-Mobile Sidekick (I just love new toys..:+). What is a T-Mobile Sidekick you might be asking ? Well, it is a hand-held, multi-task, electronic device that is not only a cell phone but an Internet device as well. The T-Mobile Sidekick features a Cell Phone, Two-way Text Messaging, Internet Browser, Email Messaging, AOL® Instant Messenger™, Digital Camera, Games, and Organizer all in one !

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HTML, What Is It ?
By Wes Hyse - 12-31-01

You all have heard of HTML before, but do you know what it actually means? What about all those other script languages that have the letters H-T-M-L in them, like DHTML and PHTML??? Well, for my opening article in the DraacZine, I will discuss each term and compare and contrast the differences in each one.

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Webtv - A Positive Opinion
By Nancy aka aaa-na - 08-22-01

There's a lot to be said for WebTV and A LOT is positive !

I have been on WebTV since it's beginning days and have grumbled and groaned along with many of you at the changes --- but I'm STILL here !

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Windows XP - Remote Assistance
By Slowpoke - 07-28-01

Are you one of those people who has a few friends who seem to be a little more *technically challenged* than you? Have you wasted countless thousands of keystrokes (let alone hours) trying to explain what seems to you to be a simple task in email or instant messages, only to find that your friend isn't following your instruction correctly or communicating accurately?

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