Directions For MSNTV Word

MSNTV Word is for MSNTV users but this will work for computer users as well.

Place the text of your document between the two <pre> and </pre> tags. By doing this you will be able to place the text of your document anywhere you would like to.

For example, if you would like a blank line(s) between paragaphs then just hit enter on the keyboard and skip down as many lines as you would like to. Or perhaps you might want a single word positioned all the way over to the right, just use the spacebar and to move to the right and place the word there. The result is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), no need for writing any Html.

Just write the document as you would like to see it printed out, then hit the "View Document" button and print the results. Use your back key to edit the document if needed before you print.

NOTE: MSNTV Word can also be used as an Html editor. Just write your Html coding and click to view the document as an Html web page. It's a nice way to test your MSNTV signatures before using them on your MSNTV emails.

IMPORTANT: If you do not see the title of this page in the MSNTV statusbar at the bottom, then hold down CMD & reload 5 or 6 times fast or the "View Document" button WILL NOT WORK. This will clear the MSNTV "bug" that they just can't seem to fix on their end.

WARNING: This tool will create a temporary page, IT CAN NOT BE SAVED. You should print your document as soon as it's done.



Credits: Thank you Jeff Thayer for the use of this Javascript.
Credit to CKD for fixing the script after the upgrade.