This layout is created using complex tables, images and an IFRAME. You should have a good understanding of how tables work before attempting this layout.

If you would like your whole site created in this layout, it would be best to save a copy of the layout as a template to use for each of your site's pages, then just edit each page to your needs.

I have also re-created this layout in a NON-IFRAME Version in place of where you are reading this text. The NON-IFRAME Version is ok if you do not have too much content in this area and do not have the need to scroll though it.

IFRAMEs are not compatible with versions of Netscape older than Netscape 6.0. Also, not all the CSS functions of this layout are compatible with Netscape and may not function properly.

MSNTV users should use the MSNTV Version this IFRAME version will not look good within your browser window.

The links on the left are all set to TARGET the links to open into this IFRAME. For more on TARGETS Click Here. Just remember to TARGET the links to the NAME given to the IFRAME.

Try the links and see sample pages loaded into this IFRAME. Click The "Home" link to return to this page.

Click Here For The Layout Images

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