HTML Course


Page 1 :Getting Started

  • What is HTML?
  • HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. HTML is nothing more than computer language, when used properly a Web Page can be created.
  • HTML Structure Tags
  • These structure tags are used in every HTML document that you will create. This group of tags defines a documents structure. These tags are always used in pairs.
HTML Structure Tag

<HTML> and </HTML>
Defines the document as an HTML document

<HEAD> and </HEAD>
Includes introductory info about the document

<TITLE> and </TITLE>
Includes introductory info about the document

<BODY> and </BODY>
Encloses all elements within the document

  • The <HTML> Structure Tag
  • The two <HTML> tags encloses everything in the document. If these tags are not present the document will only be seen as text.
  • The <HEAD> Structure Tags
  • Without the two <HEAD> tags, some browsers can't identify or reference the document.
  • The <TITLE> Structure Tags
  • Between the two <TITLE> Tags is where the title of your Web Page will go. Make the title as descriptive as you can, for identification purposes.
  • The <BODY> Structure Tags
  • Between The two <BODY> tags all infomation that should appear as part of the document will be placed.
  • This <BODY> line of code is also where the default colors of your page will go. These default color Markups are as follows:

BGCOLOR="color here"
The background color of the document

TEXT="color here"
The text color unless otherwise specified

LINK="color here"
A text link color before being clicked on

VLINK="color here"
The visited link color after being clicked on

ALINK="color here"
The active link color while being clicked on

  • RGB And Color Names
  • You can use hexadecimal colors, or just the color name itself (blue). These colors are used for background or text color.
Click Here For An HEX Color Chart Click Here For A Name Color Chart

Here Is A Basic Setup Of Our HTML Document Using Both HEX Colors And Named Colors, Within The <BODY> Line.

<TITLE>My First Web Page</TITLE>
<BODY BGCOLOR="#000000" TEXT="#00FF00" LINK="yellow" VLINK="orange" ALINK="red">