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Page 12 :Email Links & Targets

  • Making A Link To An Email
  • On your Web Page you may want to add a clickable link so you can be emailed. This can be either a clickable image or text. (Note: we will use a fake email address in these samples and documents, replace this with the email address you would like to use.
    The code to add clickable text to send an email is:

    <A HREF="">
    Click Here To Email Me</A>

    You can save this image for our sample page. The code to add a clickable image to send an email is.

    <A HREF="">
    <IMG SRC="email2.gif" width="?" height="?" border="0"></A>

  • Making Internal Targets
  • An internal target is a link to a certain point within the HTML document. Clicking on this internal target will jump you to another section on your Web Page. For our example here, we will put a link at the bottom of our Web Page that will jump you to the top of the page. Here is the code using the documents header, Welcome To Aruba as the point to jump to when the internal target Take Me To The Top is clicked on.

    <A NAME="top">Welcome To Aruba</A>
    <A HREF="#top">Take Me To The Top</A>

    Lets Add These Two New Codes To The Document.

    <TITLE>Welcome To Aruba</TITLE>
    <BODY BACKGROUND="stars.gif" BGCOLOR="#000000"
    TEXT="#00FF00" LINK="yellow" VLINK="orange" ALINK="red">
    <EMBED SRC="sample.mid" AUTOSTART="true"
    HIDDEN="true" VOLUME="100%">
    <A NAME="top">Welcome To Aruba</A>
    <IMG SRC="aruba.jpg" BORDER=5
    WIDTH="300" ALIGN="right" ALT="sunset">
    <FONT SIZE="4" COLOR="#cc0066">
    <b>This Beautiful Sunset In Aruba.<BR>
    Aruba is a lovely island off the<BR>
    coast of South America.<BR>
    The weather is perfect<BR>
    in Aruba any day of the year.</b>
    <FONT SIZE="4" COLOR="white"><b>
    My Favorite Links
    <LI><A HREF="">Draac.Com</A>
    <LI><A HREF="">Lycos Search</A>
    <LI><A HREF="">Furby Fun</A>
    <A HREF="">
    <IMG SRC="email2.gif" WIDTH="104" HEIGHT="34" ALT="email"></A>
    <A HREF="#top">Take Me To The Top</A>

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