Main Frame
Layout IX - Frames Layout - 4 Frames Two Monkeys

This page layout uses frames and tables to create
a useful and eye appealing web page design.

This layout was designed for computer users.

Webtver's can use this if they would like to, but some
adjustments should be made to the design to fit the
layout of the Webtv viewing screen width of 544 pixels.
Frankly, frames and Webtv's browser just do not work
all that well and should be avoided even in it's simplest form.

You should have a good understanding of frames
and tables to attempt this web page design.

What you're seeing here are four frames
combined to give you one complete web page.
Each of the four frames has a separate web page
assigned to it. Also, if you click the "Sample Links" in
the navagation frame, you will see how nicely pages
fit that are set into a table of 544 pixels. Something
to keep in mind when designing your other web pages.


  • Click on each of .txt files in the navagation frame.
  • Copy & paste each html code into a separate html file.
  • Save each html file with the name given to the .txt file
    (for example, save index.txt as index.html).
  • Upload all five html files to your web page host.
  • Edit each html file to your suit your needs.

  • Webtver's if you want these html codes Click Here.
    (the .txt links in the navigation frame will not load right for you)

  • You will find a little bit of CSS coding between the
    "head" tags in the main.txt and the navigation.txt.
    Editing the CSS on this layout is rather simple.
    Just choose different colors to fit your overall web
    page design and they will function and look fine.

    A Final Note:

    Be creative with your editing of this design.
    Add images, text, different colors and sounds.
    Try some javascript or more CSS in your version.
    There are many ways to go with this whole layout.
    Let your imagination run wild and I'm sure you will
    have one great looking web site that you can be proud of.

    Draac - Webmaster, Draac.Com

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