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Ferguson produces several types of brooms of different weights and styles. From a light weight household fiber broom to the heavy weight warehouse broom.

Image will Go Here The Yankee

An all corn broom, medium duty suitable for general use. It has a 1 inch thick, clear-laquered, hardwood, handle.

  • Yankee - $81.23 Dz.
  • Yankee - $7.00 Ea.
Warehouse & Rattan Mix

An all corn heavy duty broom suitable for factory and general heavy use. Has one heavy duty wire band. 1 1/8 inch, clear-laquered, hardwood handle. The Rattan Mix is the same as a warehouse broom with rattan added for extra strength.

  • Warehouse - $94.16 Dz.
  • Warehouse - $8.00 Ea.

  • Rattan Mix - $99.34 Dz.
  • Rattan Mix - $8.50 Ea.
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Image will Go Here Fire Broom

An all corn heavy duty broom for use in controlling small brush fires. A non-sewn broom, instead we use three heavy duty wire bands to hold broom together. 1 1/8 inch, clear lacquered, hardwood handle.

  • Fire Broom - $89.41 Dz.
  • Fire Broom - $7.50 Ea.
Fiber Broom

Light weight, ideal for smaller jobs and domestic use. Comes with a dust pan that snaps securely on the metal handle.

  • Fiber Broom - $57.00 Dz.
  • Fiber Broom - $5.00 Ea.
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