MSNTV Scrapbook Uploader

MSNTV users can use this to upload an image to their scrapbooks. The image then can be used in building web pages with the "MSNTV Page Builder".

  • It is quick and easy to use.
    • First click on and view an image you would like to upload to your scrapbook.
    • Next, on your keyboard hit "GoTo", then "Show Current". This will show you the URL.
    • Next, copy the URL of the image. This is done by highlighting the URL (CMD+A), then copying the URL (CMD+C) to your clipboard.
    • Once the URL is copied onto your clipboard. Paste the URL (CMD+V) into the MSNTV Scrapbook Uploader and click on the "Upload" button.
    • That is all there is to it. You have just uploaded the image to your MSNTV Scrapbook.
Here Try It With This Image ape.gif
With The Scrapbook Uploader.