What Are We Learning Here ?

This section of tips and codes are to help MSNTV users create better web sites when viewed with a computer.

All web sites put up onto the internet will sooner or later be viewed by a computer user. What might look OK using a MSNTV box, might not look OK when being viewed with a computer.

Below are few examples of how something you might have built using your MSNTV looks to a computer user when viewing your site.

Highlight Boxes On Your Image Links

When creating an image as a link
be sure to add border="0" to your image line of code. This takes away the "highlight box" around the image link that computers users will see.

This "highlight box" can't be seen using MSNTV but it does take away from the look of your site when viewed with a computer.


Without border="0"
without border=

With Border="0"
with border=

An Example of the Html Coding

<a href="url">
<img src="url of image" height="?" width="?" border="0"></a>