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Draac.Com's MSNTV Transitions

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Web Pages And Emails. A Cool Effect For MSNTV Users MSNTV (Classic & Plus) can have different transitions for their web pages. The web page can slide & wipe in different directions. A nice effect only for MSNTV users. This will also work for MSNTV Classic users emails & posts.
It will not work with the MSNTV Plus users emails & posts.

Here is a sample web page with the transition called "wipeleftbottom", Try It ! Click Here To See It In Action Here is the code used in the sample page above. Copy & paste the code, then edit it to your liking. All the transition names are below.

Note: You can also add a image background to the <body> line of code, it will still work.
<body bgcolor="#0063F7" text="#000000" link="#ffffff" vlink="ff0000" transition="wipeleftbottom">

  • slideright
  • slideleft
  • slidedown
  • slideup
  • wipedown
  • wipeup
  • wiperight
  • wipeleft
  • wiperighttop
  • wiperightbottom
  • wipelefttop
  • wipeleftbottom