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Table Preview

") // The actual table preview.document.write(tdata) preview.document.write("") } // End Preview Function // Script Selector // (IE Only) function hilight() { if (navigator.appName.indexOf("Microsoft") != -1) { document.form.table.select() } else { alert("Oops! This feature only works with Internet Explorer.\n\nSorry!") } } // End Script Selector // Begin Form Clearer function clearit() { // Make sure that they want to clear it if (confirm("Are you sure you want to clear all the data that you've entered?")) { // Clear the form document.form.reset() // Set focus back to first element document.form.elements[0].focus() } else { document.form.table.focus() } } // End Form Clearer

Create Your New Table Code


This tool works best for MSNTV & Internet Explorer. Netscape users, the alignment values will not work correctly.

Table Width (in pixels):

Cell Padding:

# of Rows:

# of Columns Per Row:

Table Border (in pixels):

Background Color:

Table Alignment:
In the "Table Alignment" value, MSNTV usrs can't use the center. For MSNTV users to center a table put & around your whole table code.

Table Cell Alignment:

Table Cell Vertical Alignment:

Your Table Code:

Note: MSNTV users will preview the table below. Computer users will get a popup preview.