Site Promotion


Link Swapping

Another way to promote your web page is to trade links with others who are interested in the same subject matter. Create a Links Page at your site to display other web pages of similar interest. Email other web page owners and ask to swap links with them. You can display their link and in turn they can do the same for you.

Web Rings

Web Rings are groups of sites linked together to form a ring of sites of the same subject matter. You can find a Web Ring on just about any subject. After joining the Web Ring they will give you a simple html code to place on your web page. This will link your web page to the Web Ring. Here are a couple sites that offer Web Rings. A simple search in any search engine, will find an abundance of Web Rings to join.

Newsgroups And Chat Rooms

There are many newsgroups out on the internet that cover a vast array of subjects. You may want to seek one out that pertains to the theme of your web page and get involved in the discussion. You will soon find new friends with a similar interest and will be visiting each others pages.

Here is a list of the Usenet Newsgroups.

Here is a list of all the Webtv Only Newsgroups.

The same goes for chat rooms. Getting involved in a group with a common interest is always a great way to promote your web page and trade infomation.

Here are a few of the many Chat Servers.

Banner Link Exchanges

A great way to promote your web page is through a program in which you submit a banner to be displayed. In turn you will put their banner on your page. The banners are automatically rotated in order to display all the banners involved within the exchange program.

Here are a couple of banner link exchanges. Again, a simple search will yield many more.

Well I hope this helps you get started in promoting your Web Page. As I stated in the first page, the more time and effort dedicated to promoting your web page, the more likely people will find and enjoy the fruits of your labor.