Color Scrollbars

This generator lets you create a script that will make your scrollbars colorful. You can also change the scrollbar's color by moving the cursor over it (this changing of the colors works when you mouseover the main scrollbar on the page, not any scrollbars that might be colored in textarea boxes).

Guide: Put the generated script in the part of your web page.

Note: This script works with IE5.5+, other browsers just ignore it.

Color Table: Enter the color number or click on a cell to choose your color.

        Chosen Color

Note: You can also type in the desired hex number for a color.

1. Set color for your scrollbars when it is actived (mouseover).

Tip: It would be better to set the face color lighter the line color.

        Line Color
        Face Color

2. And set the colors for scrollbars in normal state here, choose the color you like from above table and click Set Color:

        Line Color
        Face Color

3. Finally set a type of scrollbars you want and click Generate Source Code, you will see your colored scrollbar in action right on this page.

 Flat Scrollbars1     3D Scrollbars


If you would like just to have colored scrollbars on your web page without them flashing when the mouse is placed over them, then use the CSS code found in Draac.Com's Easy CSS Tricks.