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~ Froggie Fame ~

A frog goes into a bank and hops over to the loan officer's desk.

He jumps up onto the chair and says to the officer "Hi, what is your name?"

The officer says "You can call me Mr. Padewak. What can I do for you?"

The frog replies "I want a loan"

"OK" says Mr.Padewak, "Let's fill out a loan application.

What is yourname?" 

"Kermit." He says, "Kermit Jagger" 

"Oh, any relation to Mick Jagger?" Padewak asks. 

"Yeah, he's my Dad!" answers the frog. 

"Wow" says Padewak. "Do you have any collateral?" 

"Yes, I do" and the frog reaches into his pocket and pulls out a big, 
bright pink, ceramic elephant. He places it on the desk in front of Padewak. 

Padewak scratches his head and says "Excuse me for a moment." 
He then walks into the bank manager's office with the loan application 
and the elephant in hand.
Padewak says, "Uh, Sir, there is this frog out there who wants a loan."

He hands the manager the application. "He brought this, this...uh, well,
I don't know what it is, for collateral!". He puts the shiny pink
elephant on the manager's desk. "What should I do?" 

The bank manager stands up and shouts, 
"It's a knick-knack, Padewak, give the frog a loan!! 
His old man's a Rolling Stone!!!!!!