1994 Cadillac Eldorado

Suspension and Ride Control

This system contains two subsystems: Road Sensing Suspension (RSS) and Traction Control System (TCS). RSS is governed by sensors located at each wheel. These sensors monitor how the car behaves on the current road surface. The shock absorbers can be adjusted in to three settings: Comfort, Normal and Firm. The RSS also reacts to changes in car speed. Acceleration /deceleration sensors measure changes in speed. If a sudden acceleration is detected, RSS goes to firm in order to provide anti-lift. Likewise , the system goes to firm to provide anti-dive on sudden deceleration. TCS is particularly useful on high-torque engines like the Northstar. It requires very little throttle to make the Northstar wheels spin on slippery surfaces. That's when TCS comes into action. When front wheel spin is detected, engine power output is reduced and the appropriate brakes are applied to counter the wheel spin. With light throttle application, the Seville can easily accelerate on an icy road. ABS brakes guarantuee safe stopping.