Internal Link


What It Can It Do ?

What this code allows you to do, is to link
from one of your web pages to a specific
section on another one of your web pages.

This is similar to the "internal targets"
taught in the HTML Course at Draac.Com.

Click Here To Try It
(this test will take you to the Html Extras
page right on the section to this lesson.)

Cool How Do I do That ?

First, "name" the section on the second page
you wish to click to from the first page.

You can give a "name" to a "word" in the section.
I will "name" a word in a specific section
of the Html Extras page for this example.

Here is the code I used to "name" the words
"Linking To A Specific Location On Another Page"
that is displayed in that section on that page.
The "name" I have given it is "html8", but you
can name these targets anything you would like.

<a name="24">Linking - Location/New Page</a>

The next thing to do is include the "name"
within the clickable link on your first page.
Here is the code I used for the example above.

<a href="">Click Here To Try It</a>

To sum it up, all I did was "name" a section on
the second page and target the link from the first
page to that section....pretty easy..:+)

Note: If you use more than one of these codes on the
same page you must give each one a different "name".

For a lesson on internal linking to another
section on the SAME web page Click Here .