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Welcome To Aruba

sunset This Beautiful Sunset In
Aruba. This is a lovely
island of the coast of
South America.
The weather is perfect
any day of the year.

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<TITLE>Welcome To Aruba</TITLE>
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<H1 align="center">
<i><u>Welcome To Aruba</u></i>
<HR SIZE="4" width="80%" ALIGN="center">
<HR SIZE="4" width="60%" ALIGN="center">
<HR SIZE="4" width="40%" ALIGN="center">
<IMG SRC="aruba.jpg" HEIGHT="100" WIDTH="250"
BORDER=5 ALT="sunset" ALIGN="left" HSPACE="40">
<FONT SIZE="3" COLOR="white">
This Beautiuful Sunset In<BR>
Aruba. This is a lovely<BR>
island of the coast of<BR>
South America.<BR>
The weather is perfect<BR>
any day of the year.