Forms Course



The INPUT TYPE of SUBMIT will produce a button to allow the user to submit the form to you.

Here is the line of code for SUBMIT Button:

<INPUT TYPE="submit">

We can add a VALUE to the SUBMIT Button. The VALUE will allow you to add text on your button. For example you can put "Click Me" on your button, or the word "Submit", any word or phrase will do. For our example we will use "Submit This Form".

Note: if a VALUE is not defined the word "Submit" will be entered by default.

Here is the SUBMIT INPUT code with a VALUE:

<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Submit This Form">

Let's take a look at what that will produce:

Let's add the SUBMIT button to our form with our TEXT field.
I will be adding some text next to the field(s) to have the form take shape. Adding text next to a field is basic HTML.

<b>Who Are You ?</b>
<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="name of sender" SIZE="15">
<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Submit This Form">

Here is what our form looks like now:

Note: My example forms in this course are non-functioning and can not be submitted.

Who Are You ?

Remember, you can add as many TEXT fields as you would like, just be sure to give each a different NAME to identify each field.

What we now have is our first "working" form. This is the simplest type of form with a single TEXT field and a SUBMIT button. Please try this simple form on a web page to see how it works. Just add your email adddress to your form code, then enter some text in the TEXT field and click the SUBMIT button on your form and test it out. Now that you have created your first real form, let's continue and explore the other types of fields that you might want to add to your form.