Font Faces


What Does The Font Face Tag Do ?
Let me first say, on MSNTV, the font face tag doesn't do anything. MSNTV only has the one font face and this can not be changed but it can be altered using tags like bold, italics, underline, etc. Although MSNTV users can still use the tag for the computer users who will be viewing your page.

When the Font Face tag is used, specific fonts can be assigned to specific text on a html document. These fonts must be installed in your computer to view them. The Font Face tag needs a computer to generate the font faces on the web page your're viewing.

Most computers now have many of these common fonts installed. If your computer doesn't have them installed,
you can download them HERE.

Note: the above paragraph is using "courier new" font.

Using The Font Face Tag
Using the font face tag is very easy. The tag is inserted as part of the <font>.

<font face="arial" size="2" color="#000000">

You should put three common fonts after the font name you wish to display your text in. If the computer can not read your intended font, it will attempt to read the second font and so on. Three common fonts are as follows: arial, helvetica, sans-serif.

Here is a sample code with three fonts
and the intended font face.

<font face="verdana bold,arial,helvetica,sans-serif" color="#000000" size="2">

Note: the above paragraph is using "verdana" font.

Some Font Faces To Try
Here is a list of some common fonts to try. These fonts depicted below are images of the font faces. This is to show you the fonts in case they are not yet installed on your computer.

Note: the above paragraph is using "comic sans ms" font.

comic sans ms
times new roman

A Final Note

Using Font Faces can be a nice added look to your web site without a lot of work. Just remember these fonts your're using must be installed within the computer viewing your page, so stick with the most common ones.

Note: the above paragraph is using "arial" font.