Website Tools: Best Webmaster Internet Tools and Web Master Resources



A webmaster is the person who is responsible for the design and maintenance of a website; including properly handling the coding and functioning design and maintenance. They may be hired as a third-party contractor to handle the websites for companies or they can also be hired in-house from within the company. Webmasters use certain web tools and resources are helpful and needed in order to create a properly functioning website. Internet tools and webmaster resources that are available range from menu, button and logo makers to domain, server and search engine tools.

Menu Generators

A menu generator is an internet tool that makes it easy for the webmaster to create a menu on a webpage. This benefits webmasters who are beginners as well as those who are more advanced. For the beginners, it is an ideal way since you may not understand the HTML and CSS languages. For the more advanced webmasters, this type of tool helps cut down the amount of time that is spent creating a menu from code; this is especially helpful for webmasters who have a large workload. Some of the website tools are free and others require a fee in order to download the template or required software.

Button and Logo Makers

Button and logo makers are website tools that help the webmaster create buttons and logos. Button are used to link to other pages on the web whether they are within the same site or on another web location. Logos are visual identities that are useful when creating a brand for your site. Some button and logo makers come with standard designs that allow you to enter the text that you want to show up while others allow you to modify the design of the logo for it to fit your personal needs. The internet tools that are available for this type of task are available free online, as well as for a fee. It depends on what you are looking for and whether you want something that is unique, or if you prefer the type of webmaster tools that allow brief modification to designs that are already created.

Domain and Server Tools

Domain and server tools are internet tools that are vital to the list of webmaster resources. Some tools allow you, as the webmaster, to research in-depth information on a particular domain name and server. This is useful when trying to obtain information on another website or webmaster as well as deciding how much information you will allow to be released. Domain tools also help set up emails within the domain you are setting up for your site or your client’s site. Another internet tool for webmasters is the server tool that allows one to monitor the daily activity on a particular server and to know when troubleshooting a problem is required.

Search Engine Tools

Search engine webmaster tools allow the webmaster to market a website as efficiently as possible. These types of internet tools are ideal for optimizing your site on the search engines and allow browsers to find your webpages according to the search phrases they enter. Free webmaster tools are available that allow you to find out the PageRank of your site within the search engine. This type of tool tells you how important your site is to the search engines and the people searching the web. Other tools include an IP finder, which allows you to record the IP address you are currently on, and an IP/domain converter. The IP/domain converter allows you to convert an IP address to the domain it is running or convert the domain into the IP address.

Miscellaneous Tools

In addition to the listed webmaster tools, many other tools are both needed and useful when it comes to creating a website as well as efficiently maintain the site after it has been constructed. Other miscellaneous tools include Meta tag generators, sitemap generators and PHP scripting. All of these internet tools help customers, consumers and internet browsers locate your webpage based on the information they are typing into a search engine. Some of these tools are free to use while others require a fee. In the following list of links are resources to miscellaneous tools as well as links to additional resources with more webmaster tools.