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What is Web Design?

Web design is a term that is used to describe the way content is delivered to the end-user through the Internet; it is the appearance of a website or webpage. The end-user uses a type of web-enabled software or a web browser to display the communications that are created on the front end. The intent of the web design process is to create a website that includes text, sound and images and may be interactive. The structure of a website is included in the topic of web design, which involves information architecture, the conceptual design as well as branding and how the pages are laid out. Web development differs from web design in the fact that design is the planning portion of creating a website while web development is the actual process of creating the website.

Roles of a Web Designer

Most web designers have some computer programming skills, as well as design skills. Although this is the case, they may or may not be computer programmers. Most web designers, however, are web programmers and implement their own designs into the programming of how the pages will appear. Usually, web designers work with clients to determine their needs and then construct a design based on what the client is requesting. These designers are generally articulate with certain graphics software such as Java and Photoshop. Web designers who are also programmers may be responsible for introducing new data to the client for updating websites. Shopping cart software may also be added for additional functions on the website if the client so chooses to request it.

What is Web Development?

Web development is the actual developing process of creating a website that goes along with web design. It is a broad term that can also include web design, content development, network security and web server configuration and development for ecommerce. Although this term is broadly defined, professionals refer to the term as the process of building web sites that does not include any web design aspects. Web development therefore consists of only writing markup and coding. Web development covers a wide range of needs and can include smaller projects that take an hour or less to complete up to projects that take much longer. An example for a smaller project would by a static web page of plain text while a more complex example would include setting up social network services, electronic businesses and internet applications.

Roles of a Web Developer

The job of a web developer is to maintain high-end websites, as well as build them. Generally, a web developer is responsible for writing scripts for programming that meets the needs of the client. They either have extensive experience in working with a variety of script languages or are trained to do so. Web developers build the entire website from the ground up. This includes everything from the homepage of a website to the site function and layout. Web developers that are good at what they do usually take the clients’ services and products into consideration, as well as the audience they are targeting when constructing the website.

Standards and Trends

Standards and trends of web design and web site development have changed with time. Limitations decrease and new languages develop which has a positive effect on the current and future trends of the web. This alone allows new possibilities for the expansion of web design to amazing proportions. From now into the future, the inspiration and innovation will develop beyond anything that has been seen up to now. The current standards and trends for web design and development will change. As new trend arise, the standards will follow suit to bigger and better ventures.

Additional Resources

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