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Almost everyone can design a website. Yet, there are website owners who want to build more specialized websites. In these cases, they would need the services of professional website designers. The main benefit of hiring a web designer is that the quality of your website would be higher than a DIY website. Plus, you donít have to worry about HTML and all that stuff. If you are looking to hire a web designer, you will discover that there are thousands of web designers, so it can be hard to find the best website designer for your purpose. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of hiring a designer and how to choose the right one.

There are many reasons why people hire web designers. A big corporation would need a website that offers something extra to gain an edge in the competitive market. The modern web site designers are not just specialists in the art of designing websites but they are also SEO experts. This means that they know how to optimize the website to rank higher in the search engines. It all translates to higher traffic and potentially higher sales. The top web designing companies offer a complete marketing solution including maintenance of the websites. This is extremely important because it is not just enough to set up a website and leave it to grow on its own. The web designers can create a plan to introduce new content, images, games, and other additions to keep the webpage fresh. It is also important to give the website a facelift after some time so that visitors would not get bored of the same old thing. When you hire a web designer, you can be certain that there would be minimal problems with the website because they are experts in the field.

Choosing the right web site designer can be a tough challenge. There are certainly many good web designing companies but how do you know which one is suitable for you? First, take a look at the budget. If you are working for a major corporation where money is not a concern, you can engage the best web designing firms in the industry. Most web designers fall into this category where they may be individuals or small to medium sized firms. In the general search process, go to their websites and look at their portfolio. Test the clientís websites to check if everything is working well in good time. Once you are satisfied, put the website on the shortlist. If possible, contact the clients to find out about the services of the web designers. You should get a lot of useful input from there. The next step is to contact the web designers and work towards a viable solution. Always approach a few companies so that you can compare costs and services.

Hiring a website designer to create a website is possibly the best choice for people who have the means. Sometimes, it can be frustrating to figure out how to create a certain effect on your website all by yourself. Here is a list of the best web site designers.

  • Camp Creative Group: They are not just about beautiful designs but inside out solutions.
  • Studio 7 Designs: Some of their clients include Dubai Hotels, Green Gecko, Little Green Bags, and CSS Nature.
  • The Brendt Group: They have worked with Baltimore Museum of Art, Lucida Photography, and Rolls Royce North America.
  • InSite: A leader in the industry, they have designed websites for Ylang/23, The Michael J. Fox Foundation, National Parkinson Foundation, and more
  • Lounge Lizard: Established in 1998, this is one of the premier web designing companies in the world.
  • Webimax: A global leader in SEO and Internet marketing solutions.
  • Web 312: Some of their clients include Windy City Travel, Rustic Fences, Michael Alvarez, and Total Eye Care.
  • Deep Blue: The website developer for NASA, HCA, The University of Georgia, and Section 8.
  • 123 Triad: If you want a professional, unique website, here is a good choice.
  • 352 Media Group: Made Inc. 5000 list for four consecutive years, itís a top player in the web design world.
  • 61 Design Street: They have created websites for Trussardi, Taj Jewels, Replay, and Simply Mac.
  • House of Tears Design: Started in 1998, its one of the most recognized web designers in the industry.
  • 70 Plus 2: Some of their works include Pinyon Mesa, Hawthorne Associates, Lightbox technologies, and M Bark.
  • Net@Work: This web development company specializes in building professional business websites.
  • Dream Soft: Some of their clients are The University Chicago, Birkenstock, Bob Schaffer, and Drunken Fish.
  • 3 Roads Media: Based in Denver, they are a leading web design company and marketing consulting firm.
  • 2 Advanced Studios: Their featured clients include Sony Computer Entertainment, Ford Motor Company, Motorola, Nintendo of America, and Lucas Arts.
  • Level Ten Interactive: Provides a range of web services including web development, digital strategies, Internet marketing, and more.
  • 3.7 Designs: The firm takes pride in their special approach which guarantees results.
  • Rooster Ink: Their portfolio includes Cash Back Life Insurance, Diamond Plate Real Estate, and Buffalo Roseís Pizzeria & Sports Pub.
  • Bridgeline Digital: One of the best web design and web development firms in the industry.
  • 809 Design Studio: Specialists in designing websites for health care products.
  • Big D Creative: Some of their big hits are Urban Crust, Duke Mining, SEO Dogs, and Evolution Fuels.
  • Hudson Horizons: A top web designing firm with total Internet marketing and web solutions.
  • Rusty Brick: Specialties include web design and development, iPhone development, and custom web applications.
  • RedClay Interactive: Featured clients include King Green, Marina Bay, Chesapeake Bank, and The Dillard House.
  • DCI: Offers various services like application development, web development, Internet marketing, and more.
  • Image Works Studio: Founded in 1995, the web design firm also offers other services like brand development, online marketing, graphic design, advertising campaigns, and so on.
  • Future Visions: The firmís clients include Seattle Brain Cancer Walk, Flat Fee Realty, and Baroudi MD.
  • Miracle Studios: Some of their web creations include Intelligent Clic, Writing Oasis, Bellagio, and Tribute Arts.
  • Acro Media: They have worked with BC Liquor Stores, Egg Farmers of Ontario, Alpine Helicopters, and Telus.
  • Fat Bit Technologies: One of the top website development companies in India.
  • Two Spots: Their top websites include Nubonau, Cofa Media Group, Eco Village, and Candy Direct.
  • Cyber DesignZ: The firm provides affordable web design solutions.
  • 2 Fish Group: The portfolio includes Rose Authentica, Caravel Day Camp, Big Sky Bread, and Buckleyís Tavern.