Nvu HTML Editor


With the 100% free Nvu (pronounced N-view) HTML editor software, Nvu is no stranger to the web design world. Boasting its easy three step process, Nvu has all the ease and powerful design tools to create a professional or personal website. As an open source community, Nvu is always changing; adding and fixing features to continue its top place in HTML editing. Featuring file management and easy to use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Nvu has software for any type of user looking to create, edit, and manage a professional looking website.

Nvu strives to the W3C web standards that most editors try to do. Using its built-in HTML validator, Nvu uploads pages to a W3C HTLM proofreader to check for errors and code compliance. This ensures that what the user is creating is error-free and of workable code. Nvu allows users to switch from HTML code mode to WYSIWYG editing mode by just a few clicks. This reinforces what the user will see from a few changes in HTML code to a direct browser preview. The addition of pre-made website widgets makes any website attractive and useful by showing off a calendar, date, mail or weather. With an emphasis on ease of use to the non-technical user, Nvu utilizes a bright user interface that is easy to navigate; nothing is hidden and things can be modified with relative ease. Because Nvu is open sourced, many users have been developing plugins or addons to enhance the experience while using the program. Along with powerful support for forms and tables, Nvu uses integrated file management via FTP by a simple login to the website, allowing the user to navigate and edit pages directly from the site. With all these features and more, Nvu offers a competitive open sourced HTML editor with the very cheap price of free.

Along with Nvu’s top of the line HTML editing software, Nvu has a massive support page that includes how-to's, videos, and a large community base to help any user with almost any problem. It is hard to get lost in Nvu’s easy to use interface and code creation methods.