HTML Email Program for BlackBerry - Free Email Viewer Tips



Many people love their BlackBerry. HTML email doesn't always work on BlackBerry phones. It's not a surprise when someone opens an HTML message to discover that the BlackBerry has converted the message to plain text, often butchering the HTML in the process and making the message unreadable. Even though many BlackBerrys are capable of changing a message to a text-only version, most of the Blackberry HTML email viewer programs prefer to ignore the text-only version. There are ways to read HTMl email on a BlackBerry.

BBSmart Email Viewer Downloadable HTML email program for BlackBerry which allows full HTML support, tagging, customizable headers, templates, and lots of other great features. Free trial offer.

Empower Mail View PRO BlackBerry HTML email viewer program that is device based, meaning no extra setup. Displays HTML emails, allows adding of tasks and appointments, and much more. Great budget price.

BlackBerry Smartphone Setup Site containing information about setting up email for a BlackBerry, and how to set it up from the computer. Has links to more information such as tips and tricks, downloads, and more.

Ace Mobile Software Offers a free trial version of a HTML email program for BlackBerry with easy setup, complete integration, and many more features.

TechRepublic SolutionBase Article about configuring the BlackBerry for accessing email. Explains three ways to configure the BlackBerry.