Fun Web Widgets: Free Widgets Downloads


Web widgets are wonderful inventions that you find out about when you make a website of your own. Of course, you can use these free widgets downloads for other reasons but the main reason is for blogs and websites. They are entertaining and come in various forms that you can make uniquely your own right online. They are quick to download, and personalize when you would like them to match the décor of your site. Web widgets are normally free online, and some website builders even offer a few of their own for you to use on the site you build with them.

Polls and Quizzes

Polls and quizzes are wonderful when you would like to challenge your visitors and friends to a fun trivia game. Perhaps you would like to know more about a friend, or even take a poll on who likes tomatoes more. There are many things that can be done when you use polls and quizzes web widgets. You can customize the web widgets to your liking; changing the colors, fonts, and sizes of the polls and quizzes that you put on your site. Customizing your site is fun, and it allows you to ask questions without having to email everyone who frequents your site. They are quick to download, install, and personalize to the website or blog that you own.

RSS and News Widgets

RSS and news widgets are perfect for keeping up with the times, and to allow your guests to know what is going on in the world. This is something that provides them with the perfect bit of information that they need to get a handle on everything without having to look up specific news on the internet. There is no need to leave your site to find out what is going on through the world. You can even update your guests with news from your site. Whenever something new is added or posted on your site, your guests who sign up will receive emails of the changes. They will always know when something changes, and then they can visit to fully see the changes made.

  • RSS Pump: They provide you with the code to paste on your website or blog for the feed, and allow you to customize it to your liking.
  • WebRSS: This site provides news feeds, and allows you to keep track of your visitors daily.
  • Ice Warp: Step by step instructions on how to set up a RSS feed to your website or blog.
  • Digital Inspiration: Learn how to embed RSS feeds into the html portion of your website the correct way with these instructions.
  • Feedzilla: This is one of the largest known website to get feed codes from. They provide feeds to anyone who signs up and easy to copy and paste codes for websites.
  • Widget Box: Free RSS News Feeds: News feeds for free for your website, plus instructions on how to add them.
  • BlastCasta: Easy to make RSS and news feeds right from their website, than an easy to copy and paste code for your website.
  • Feed Wind: Make a RSS feed through their website. Change the colors, size, and layout before placing the code on your website.

Social Network Widgets

Social network widgets are wonderful additions to any social network site. Social network widgets can allow the guests to your blog and website to visit your social network site. Not only this, but the widgets can also provide your guests with social network updates. You can add them through this feed as well. It also works in a reverse way to allow you to add your updates from your blog or website to your social network. This allows all of your friends on the network to share in on the posts you make on your blog or website.

  • Add This: This website allows you to add and share any of your favorite social network sites with your website or blog.
  • Spring Widgets: There are many social network widgets to choose from and personalize to make your own.
  • Widgia: This website is dedicated to getting only the best, and most updated widgets for your site and helping you find out how to add them.
  • Top 10 Hottest Social Networking Widgets: List of the top 10 social networking widgets to get for your blog or website.
  • Share This: Know your social reach when you add this to your website or blog. You can find out who visits.
  • Social Web Widget: Create your own web widget for your blog or website through their personalization box.
  • Open Source Social Networking Widget: Copy and paste this social networking code to your blog or website to find out who follows you and to keep your friends updated with your news. 
  • 25+ Excellent Social Networking Plugins for WordPress: Over 25 of the best social networking plugins for WordPress.


Games are great widgets to add to your website or blog. This will keep your guests entertained, and provide them with something else to do. Of course, you have the content of your website, but why not offer a little more. All it requires is the copying and pasting of a code to get the most from the games. You might be able to bring in more traffic with these download widgets as well. Let everyone know about your game widgets through your social networking widget above. You can have more than one or two.

  • Kludgets: Word Puzzle Games: Code for a number of word puzzle games for your blog or website.
  • Website Games: This website provides you with a code that gives you random games for the website that you own.
  • Widget Downloads: Provides a large number of game widgets to choose from. They are made mostly for Mac computers.
  • Guitar Hero: Guitar Hero web widget for your website or blog. Expect your guests to stay for a while they try to beat this game.
  • WigiPedia: Search through this large database of game widgets for every website and blog out there.
  • Pogo: Free game widgets for your website or blog. You get to choose which games to use.
  • Smart Web Gadgets: Search through thousands of widgets to place on your website or blog, including hundreds of games.
  • Hearts Card Game: This hearts card game from Brothersoft provides your website with a classic card game with nice graphics.