Free Web Page Design: Design Your Own Website Free


Almost anybody can create a website for free very easily. All you need is a basic knowledge of website creation, registration, and hosting. The first stage of free website design is to plan the features of the website. You should make a list of tools which you may need at different stages of the website development. In this article, you will learn all about free web page design.

Tools Required:

To design your own website free, you will have to search for a provider who can give you a free domain name. There are companies which provide sub-domains for free or you can even register to a sub-domain to get a free website. Next, find a good web host or a server to host the website. To design the web pages, gather the tools to create HTML pages. There are some HTML editors which are available for free. Download these editors to design the web pages. Photoshop or Flash is needed to design logos and animated pictures for the website. For uploading the web pages, you need free File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software.

Register a Domain Name:

Firstly, you will have to search for a domain name which looks something like ďĒ Under normal circumstances, domain name registration costs from $10 to $50 a year. Itís possible to get free domain name registration but most of them are actually sub-domain names. Many websites offer free domain names which can be upgraded with some minimum payment at the later stage. Some websites offer free domain names where the pages are embedded with ads of the provider company.

Web Hosting:

Web hosts are interconnected computer servers where web pages are stored. Online users view the pages of your website from this computer. To host the website, you will have to register yourself with the host computer. A web host enables the website to be available to the viewers 24/7. You can even host your website for free. The option for building a website is also available.

Website Editors:

Website editors are tools which are used for designing a website. Many website hosting companies provide tools for users to design the website online. Itís just as easy to find HTML editors for free. The HTML editor provides easy options to code and design web pages as per your requirement. It also provides support for technologies such as CSS, JavaScript, XML, and ECMAScript. Try to search for HTML editors which provide support for managing the images and editing high quality images. The leading HTML editors are Adobe Dreamweaver, Download HTML-Kit, and Free HTML Editor/CoffeeCup Software.

Tools Used for Creating a Website:

Other than the above mentioned tools, you can also use website design software to help you design the website. This tool allows you to make changes to the website very easily. You can change the colors, borders, text fonts, or even the layout of the website in simple steps. Itís easy to find free website design software available for download online. Other than this, you can use layout templates to plan the layout of the website. Of course, you will be well served if you have a basic understanding of HTML codes. With all these tools, you will be ready to make your free web page in no time.

After creating the webpage, you have to promote it so that itís visible to viewers. There are many benefits of owning a website. It can be used to promote products, services or business through the Internet. Itís very easy to maintain a website as compared to a marketing team. Some people just maintain a website for personal reasons. Another way to create a free website is to use blog sites.