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What is PHP?

PHP is an acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor and is a widely used general-purpose open source scripting language. Created in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf, this server-side programming language has been continuously developing ever since. PHP, which stands for Personal HomePage, was first designed as a set of binaries primarily used to collect basic traffic data from websites. However, the parser was rewritten in 1997, which expanded performance and gave the language more functions.

Some types of programming languages are server-side, including PHP, which means that they run on a Web server. Others are client-side, such as JavaScript, which runs on a Web browser. Server side languages give the user more flexibility, such as for manipulating images and working with files and database, which other types of programming languages limit. However, unlike client-side code that is available on the browser to access and edit, server side remains on the Web server and isnít accessible to visitors of the site.

What PHP Can Do

PHP can be used for several functions, including client-side GUI applications and command-line scripting. The PHP runtime executes all files written in PHP code, usually to create a dynamic web page. PHP acts much like a filter, collecting input from a stream or file containing text and outputs another stream of text. There is a set of data types used in the scripting process that are stored by PHP as numbers in a platform-dependent range. Integer, floating-point number, character string, and Boolean are all simple types of data found in PHP variables. An integer is a whole number that is allowed varies, depending on your operating system. A floating-point number is not usually a whole number but includes decimal places. A character string is set of single characters that have no practical limit on the string length. Boolean can be described as a TRUE of FALSE value.

Using PHP Scripts

Like many other types of scripting languages, PHP enables web developers to create customizable behaviors into their web pages. PHP consist of a general scripting language, as well as an interpreter that acts as a module that converts scripts into commands. When a visitor clicks on a web page, the browser sends a request to the web server that hosts the website and asks for a copy of that specific web page. Once the web server has received the request, they find the wanted web page and send it back over the Internet to the visitorís browser. The web browser cannot interpret coding, making it essential for the PHP pre-processing module to intercept. PHP then sends content to replace the script fragment. The content is used to execute the script instructions so that the output that the browser receives will understand. The web page will then appear with the proper PHP coding.

Additional Resources

PHP scripts can be used for a variety of web page projects. If you are interested in adding a guestbook, hit counter, message board, or link manager to your web page, a PHP script can be used to incorporate these items into your page. The following resources contain PHP scripts for download.

  • Secureloads: Online PHP software that allows users to sell and purchase PHP scripts and other digital products.
  • Gentle Source: Script used to trigger download dialogue so that visitors can choose to download a file instead of opening it in another browser.
  • Able Design: PHP/MySQL script used to manage who has access to certain downloadable files.
  • PHP Easy Downloader: This script makes it easy to manage all downloaded content easily.
  • Config Server Services: Collection of free and commercial scripts and packages for a wide range of server needs.
  • Download Directory: Organize your websites downloads and products in a professional manner.
  • Auto Email Passwords: Script used for those who sell digital products and provides automatic password and download.
  • Download Center: Contains pages to a collection of organized downloaded files from the Internet.
  • File mailer: Requires visitors to submit name and e-mail address to retrieve a file from a website.
  • Download Quota: Counts the amount of bytes downloaded and will stop at a certain limit.
  • PHP Faber: Sell digital services or products and have full control of electronic downloads.
  • PHP Audit Distribution Management: Software distribution software for independent developers and vendors to automate distribution of code.
  • E Soft Script: Repository script that is fully customizable based on manual software submissions or PAD.
  • Free DDL Script: Used for creating a website for links and download sharing.
  • Bandwidth Manager: Allows or disallows file downloads based on specific bandwidth settings.
  • Smart File Download: Designed to prevent direct file downloads and to limit downloads by hiding their true paths.
  • File Download Agreement: Displays a products license agreement before allowing a visitor to download a certain file.
  • Download Quota 2.0: File downloader used to count the amount of bytes downloaded.
  • Downloader: Script that allows you to put any file into one directory and for protection of direct downloads.
  • PAD Site Scripts: Used for maintaining PAD-enabled software and includes download, description page, and purchase page.
  • Hot Scripts: Search and download free scripts, as well as PHP tutorials, applications, and development software.
  • PHP Junkyard: Download original free PHP scripts and other third-party solutions.
  • Scripts and Programs: Large collection of PHP scripts for a variety of web page tasks.
  • Free Webmaster Resources: Find free downloads to various PHP scripts, such as form mailer, news ticker, and guest book.