How Do I Edit HTML on MySpace?


MySpace is a website where social networkers log in and interact with the other MySpacers. For some, it is a space where they can express themselves, and for others, it is an effective tool for promoting their businesses. People can listen to music of their choice, share images, interact with new people, and find friends on MySpace. MySpacers express themselves through words, as well as the colors and fonts of their pages.

Many people want to learn how to change HTML on MySpace. They want to change the colors, fonts, and other details on their pages, but they are unable to do so because they are not familiar with HTML. They can do whatever changes they want to their pages by editing the HTML code that is written behind their pages. To do that, they need a WYSIWYG HTML editor. MySpace members don’t have to be technically qualified to make such changes. All they need to do is find out certain HTML tags to make changes to their pages. If it is the text or font that needs a change, they can use a font HTML tag. Similarly, other tags can be used for modifying background color, text effects, and others.

MySpacers can also take a look at tutorials on the Internet that can help them edit HTML, and most of these tutorials also have an extensive list of HTML codes. MySpace has different features in the profile section, and some of these features include music player, slide shows, and videos. By browsing through the Internet, MySpace users can find many HTML tags that can be used to make certain changes on their pages. First of all, they should bookmark these pages. Then, open profile on MySpace and go to the “Edit Profile” option on the HTML editor. A number of boxes will appear, and the code will give an idea of the various tags that are meant to implement different features. Locate the feature that needs to be altered. MySpacers should download a WYSIWYG HTML editor, because this tool makes it much easier for them to alter anything on MySpace.

While making changes to a page on MySpace, users should keep referring to the HTML tags. After the editing is completed, save the changes and close the window. Then, they can open MySpace and access their profiles. Click on “View My Profile”, and all the changes that were made in the text or background can be seen in their updated profiles.

Not too many MySpace members are contented with the original look of their pages. As such, most of them wish to redesign their pages. By editing HTML, users have the freedom to customize their own profiles, and they can create pages that reflect their personalities. Some people prefer a formal-looking profile while others want their pages to be as bright as possible. With a HTML editor, they are free to play with colors, fonts, and features of their choice.

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