Eclipse HTML Editor


Eclipse HTML editor is a plugin used in Eclipse 3.0 (or higher) . It is developed by an open source community with the desire of making a developmental program that has all the tools for making, editing, and using applications. In Eclipse, the plugin HTML editor is used to edit HTML, JSP and XML formats while running the full Eclipse program. As one of the more popular editors available to all types of users, ranging from beginner to advanced, it has a wide variety of benefits.

In the Eclipse platform itself with the HTML plugin, users have access to a large range of features. These features include a HTML, JSP, XML, CSS, DTD, and JavaScript highlighting to make certain codes and lines visible or stand out. The editor also allows live previews of code so that the designer can be sure of what is currently created without second guessing. Using a feature called Contents Assist, users can expect Eclipse plugin to help with tags and attributes to eliminate broken code and lines. If the user is a beginner, Eclipse has a fully operational wizard program to help create HTML, JSP, and XML files. With the advanced web browser and image viewer, users can be assured that all code made in Eclipse will work when exported for online use. Lastly, Eclipse offers its users full code completion of CSS, DTD, and JavaScript which enables users to utilize Eclipse plugin to find errors in code so the website will run correctly. Under the current version, Eclipse gives support for improved JavaScript editing, such as jQuery completion, JsDoc support and more. Users can expect greater XPath search dialog while using the HTML editor while being able to format in HTML or JSP. With the wide variety of benefits in Eclipse HTML editor, any type of user will have his or her demands met.

The Eclipse platform and open sourced community offers a huge resource to users looking for software editing packages. With the HTML editor users can make quality work that is easy to develop, create, and use.