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To design a website, you should first make a plan. The concept of the website and the target audience should be determined beforehand. It can be a form-based website or a retail shop with some navigation buttons. Some websites have blogs, widgets, videos, and various other features. A website can be created effortlessly using various web page design software and updated using the tools. Here, we present the five best web design software.

Visual Site Designer:

This is a software which provides HTML editor, image editor, built-in FTP client, WYSIWYG interface (What You See Is What You Get), site templates, and codes which can be used to design a website. With this website design software, you can do photo editing and make labels for your website. Links can be connected to the inner pages and the naming of pages can be done very easily to interconnect all the pages of a website. With a click of the mouse, you can add and edit images on a web page, and upload the edited page to the server.

WebPlus X4:

This web site design software also provides a free hosting option. It has a built-in Photoshop option to edit the images. WebPlus X4 provides RSS tools and free website templates. It can be used to design Flash based animated pictures. The software is designed to ease the process of website design for casual users so all the code can be modified as required. It provides support from the top to bottom.

Web Easy Professional 8:

Web Easy Professional is a low cost website design software that is lightweight (for the O.S.) and user friendly. The software comes with more than 400 templates and itís also optimized for iPhone and SmartPhone. It allows users to view the website from the mobile phone. The websites designed in Web Easy Professional are compatible with Windows 32 and 64 bit systems. The website can be viewed in all the major browsers with accuracy. It also comes with drag and drop features to enable easy development.

Xara Web Designer:

Xara provides a number of amazing features and itís highly affordable. The texts displayed in the images and on the web pages come with automatic spell checker. Users can drag and drop images, pictures, audio or video files into the website. E-commerce features are also provided and the users can integrate PayPal into the website easily. There are also search engine optimization and advertising options. You can easily create an online shop on Xara and get a number of website analysis reports after hosting.

Windows Live Writer:

The Windows Live Writer software is provided free for publishing and designing websites and blogs online. It provides the WYSIWYG interface for easy editing. Windows Live Writer also offers options to add new text to the website and to update blog entries. Users who wish to create a blog site and manage it through a web site design software can use the Windows Live Writer. You can drag and drop pictures, audio and video files to the web pages.

  • Windows Live Writer: The official place to download the free software.
  • Plugins: The page offers some plugins for Windows Live Writer.
  • CNET: Another place to download Windows Live Writer.

Runners Up:

Other than these five best web design software, there are many other software which also good. By using these web design software, you can produce professional looking websites in very little time. Letís look at the five best runners up website design software.

  • Intuit: Offers more than 2,000 professional designs.
  • Web Studio: Suitable for beginning and more advanced web designers.
  • Web Page Maker: Very user friendly website design software.
  • Ezypage 14: One of the best web design software in the market.
  • SiteSpinner: Affordable and easy to use software.