Convert HTML to PDF or Word to HTML with Converters


While HTML code is useful for both creating basic websites and more high resolutions sites, it is difficult to transfer an HTML file offline because it is web based. For this reason, several different converters are available to take a HTML file and change it into a PDF file. PDF files are best for offline use as users can save them directly to their computer as well as easily email them to others. When web developers are looking to quickly upload a simple document onto the internet, Microsoft Word and other converters are available to change a text document into an HTML file that is readable online. These converters are especially useful for bloggers, as they can write and edit their post in Word and then quickly transfer it to an HTML file for their website. While Microsoft Word does have a “save to HTML” option built in, these converters produce a much cleaner and more readable end product.


  • HTML to PDF Converter Allows users to input the web page they wish to convert to PDF and download the file onto their computer.
  • HTML to PDF 6.2 A free program download that allows users to convert HTML to PDF without the installation of any additional drivers.
  • Go2PDF A free download that allows users to create PDF files out of HTML files with just one click.
  • Universal Document Converter This software download allows users to convert HTML files into PDF files as well as other graphic files.
  • Online Converter Changes HTML files to PDF files online by simply entering the website URL and downloading the resulting PDF file.

Word to HTML

  • Word to HTML Online Converter Converts Word documents to clean HTML files by copy and pasting the document into the web browser.
  • Convert Word to HTML 3.35 A software download that quickly converts Word documents to HTML documents.
  • Total Doc Converter This software download not only converts Word documents to HTML, but also to PDF, standard text and other graphic files.
  • Word to HTML Converter A free trial download of a Word to HTML converter, as well as information on why a converter is preferred over utilizing the “save to HTML” option available standard in Word.
  • Word Cleaner A software download that converts Word documents to clean HTML files quickly and easily.