CoffeeCup HTML Editor - Coffee Cup HTML Editor


When picking an HTML editor for business or even personal use, choosing a company called CoffeeCup might leave the average web editor bewildered. But donít be confused; as one the best HTML editors available to a range of users, from basic beginners to wildly advance, CoffeeCup HTML editor will get the job done. Keeping the original name of the domain that was indeed a coffee shop, the title stuck and has been serving fresh new ideas since 1996. Letís take a look at why CoffeeCup has the best HTML editor and see what it offers to all of its customers.

At the current version of 2010 SE, CoffeeCupís HTML editor offers extremely advanced tools for anyone that desires them. The structure of the program is written logically; keeping the code smooth while removing annoying issues, such as broken links and images. With this structure it is easy to keep control of the website and how itís run. CoffeeCup also promises that websites created with HTML editor will work every time, regardless of the browser used. Utilizing advanced proofreading software, HTML editor will read the code and check for human error and valid code, eliminating the exhaustive guess and check technique of many other editors. Added benefits include tag references that insert the proper tags when needed and code completion which eliminates open lines and tags in code. HTML editor even allows real-time preview screens to check that the website is being created properly and up to W3C standards. With all these break through features, it is obvious that CoffeeCup has created something great, and its 54,907,053 some users agree as well.

Always remember that looks can be deceiving; with a name like CoffeeCup, it may be hard to believe. But with all the great benefits in error code prevention and live preview, Coffee Cup HTML editor has all the tools to get the job done quickly and properly.