Can Not Read HTML Documents in Email


One of the most popular ways of communicating worldwide is through text emails. The need for people to express more through emails has given a boost to a new type of email called HTML emails. With HTML emails, the opportunity for creating clickable texts, sending dazzling graphics or creating interactive forms increases manifold but not all email clients can open HTML emails. Many email clients can open the text, but they are unable to display the links or photos sent in the email.

An HTML email looks similar to a web page. As in web pages, embedding links, photos or colourful greeting cards becomes very easy. Especially in email marketing campaigns, HTML emails are an invaluable tool. To read HTML emails, it is suggested that you use an updated version of your favourite HTML editor or use the following steps for some of the most popular email accounts. For those who possess a Windows Live Mail or Outlook Express, an option for viewing messages in HTML or plain text is available. Another alternative for reading HTML emails is to simply get a reliable WYSIWYG HTML editor. The HTML converter which comes bundled with the editor would seamlessly open any HTML email page on your PC or laptop.

Windows Mail allows its users to disable or enable Plain Text mode. Windows Mail and Outlook also allows users to view a particular message in HTML mode, even though the Plain Text mode is enabled as the default view. For reading a message in Windows Mail with complete HTML formatting, you need to navigate to the ‘Select View’ option, and then choose the option ‘Message in HTML’ from the menu. For the users who frequently switch between plain text and HTML view options, using the keyboard shortcut Alt-Shift-H would be handy.

HTML emails can effortlessly be read in email accounts such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail. However, many people do not have the latest client for reading HTML emails. For mobile phones and modern PDA’s, reading HTML emails is not guaranteed. The two primary issues which hinder mobile devices from displaying HTML emails are the small size of their screen, compared to a laptop or PC, and the inability of most mobile devices to render HTML codes. Nonetheless, there are a number of HTML converters available online which can effectively convert HTML and make it readable for the mobile devices.

Earlier, it was not possible to read HTML messages in Microsoft Outlook. After the launch of the Microsoft Outlook 2007 and its later versions, reading HTML emails is a breeze. A new rendering engine which helps in opening HTML files has been integrated in the latest Outlook versions. For the users who do not have the latest Microsoft Outlook installed in their systems, downloading and installing a good WYSIWYG HTML editor would suffice.

HTML email is new and offers the writers limitless possibilities in expressing themselves. This is why it’s a wise idea to install a HTML converter for reading the latest variety of emails, HTML style.

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